How fast does Testosterone build muscle?


Testosterone and bodybuilding are closely linked together. The muscle-building potential from testosterone was discovered and used around the forties, when bodybuilding was still a newborn sporting discipline. Today we have a wide variety of products: testosterone and many other anabolic steroids, both oral and injected. Using this and many other performance-enhancing drugs is now easier than ever. But, are they truly beneficial? How fast does testosterone build muscle?


The muscle-building potential in testosterone

Testosterone, along with other anabolic steroids, is a substance our body synthesizes to improve fertility, bring forth behavioral and physical differences between males and females, promote Testosterone muscle growth as well as fat loss, among other things. Men are usually stronger than women because they have a higher testosterone level in their blood. This hormone stimulates the creation of muscle tissue and the increase of strength after a given exercise routine. There is no doubt, testosterone has an important potential to build muscle, and our results in the gym depends on it.

Many people nowadays are entering the fitness world. They want to attain the best shape possible, making a better version of themselves, either for personal reasons or going after a Men’s Physique or any other bodybuilding competition. Training hard without testosterone supplements is possible, and we can have good results, but depending on our genes we may stop seeing results the sooner or the later. After reaching this crossroad, many intermediate and advance gym users decide to go for anabolic steroids to get an extra help. It is not only faster, but sometimes it is the only choice bodybuilding competitors have to exceed their own limitations.

Testosterone builds muscle pretty fast, but it depends on what cycle you are using and what products you choose. As we mentioned, there are so many options to choose from, that is pretty easy to make a bad choice. For a full guide to building muscle fast see Top Ten Tips from Menshealth. If you are planning to go for anabolic steroids, be sure to contact an expert on the subject to help you choose the best products and dose to start your cycle. There’s a few basic considerations you need to know before starting your beginner testosterone cycle, though. How fast will I see results with testosterone? What’s a testosterone cycle and how does it work? What’s the best way to start?

How does Testosterone effect building muscle?

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How fast will I see results with testosterone?

The simple answer is, definitely faster than without testosterone. Most testosterone cycles last 6 to 8 weeks, or a maximum of 12 weeks. Having a cycle with more than 12 weeks may endanger the way our own body produces testosterone naturally. After this period of time, you will definitely see a difference in your body, but you should stop and have a post-cycle resting phase in which you should not receive any type of anabolic steroid for 3 weeks or more. The length of time always depends on your own experience in the gym, your genetic profile, and the products you choose to use.





Most beginners start with testosterone supplements and nothing else. It is a good idea because testosterone is synthesized in our body, and using the same molecule is the best way to see how our body reacts to an external source of anabolic steroid. After using testosterone for the first time during our first cycle, we can go ahead with other types of anabolic steroids. Using testosterone alone will not slow down how fast you will see results, and in case it does, being extra careful is worth it.


Another thing people should take into consideration is testicular atrophy. Some people have experienced testicular atrophy after cycles with 8 weeks or more, but there’s a way to prevent it from happening. For example, using certain drugs, like Chorionic Gonadotropin injections, in the last two weeks of the testosterone cycle. One of the last things to take into consideration is the possibility of having an increase of estrogens afterwards. For this reason, it is wise to use yet other products: an anti-aromatase or a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM).



As you can see, building muscle with testosterone is very fast. It can last a couple of weeks for each testosterone cycle. However, there are a few things you need to consider before your first incursion in the world of anabolic steroids. If you want to be certain which products are the best for you, go with a professional who can see the whole picture before making any particular choice. Testosterone and anabolic steroids are fantastic, but when we choose to use them, security is our number one priority. All of those horrible stories about steroid use and doping have happened because people start abusing and ignoring the rules. Don’t let it be your case.



How much testosterone should I take for my first cycle?

As we mentioned before, it is advised to start with testosterone alone, and more specifically oral testosterone. Oral alternatives are also very fast. As a matter of fact, there are a few “rocket fuels” in oral form (oxymetholone, for example). But for our first cycle we may want to go for a safer option, like testosterone undecanoate. It is one of the safest options around, and it is sold under the name Andriol, Anadroxel or Understor.

Testosterone undecanoate is absorbed by the lymphatic system and does not come into contact with the liver, which is the reason why it’s effective and safe. It comes in capsules, and it is usually taken in doses of 240mg a day for starters. The dose is usually high because this is the only way the testosterone stays in the blood for long enough to promote strength and muscle growth. The disadvantage with such a high dose is the cost, and that testosterone may convert into estrogen and cause retention of water. Thus, it is mandatory to be guided by a professional and always stay safe.




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