10 Best Herbs to Boost Testosterone Naturally AND Quickly!

  1. Fo Ti

  2. Ashwagandha

  3. Tribulus Terrestris

  4. Fenugreek

  5. Ginger

  6. Zinc

  7. Maca Root

  8. Horny Goat Weed

  9. Wild Harvested Muira Puama and Catauba Bark

  10. Ginseng


So there are the best Herbs that will do the trick for you to boost yout “T” Levels. But there’s more to it than that………

The undisputed King of Herbal Testosterone is Literally REIGNING to provide natural and Healthy Herbs for Men.

It is a new product on the market and quantities are limited. Check Amazon for Availablity!


We all know that our ancestors in the plains hunting and gathering had high levels of Testosterone. We examined the Testosterone levels of Neanderthals in another article. However us Humans also had high levels of Testosterone that enabled us to survive and claim success in life. Without it we would be nothing.

Our modern times have lulled us into a false sense of security. Do we really need Testosterone today? Isn’t it just a relic of our primitive past?


Steve testosterone muscle builder
Hi Guys, I’m all natural. Wasn’t Easy though!


If you knew the answer as we do you would realise this is the same as asking why do we  need water now?


This is a relic from our past too! We all need energy and drive to accomplish things in our lives as men. In fact in our modern world we can’t get enough of it. Its a rare resource, like our shrinking attention spans we need to not waste it. Of course as we build our lives and succeed as men we also attract potential partners of the opposite sex who see our ambition and drive and want to be part of it to build a family with us.




But our modern lives drain us of this resource. We use it up in our cubicles and our factories; it leaks from us literally in our sweat. We are giving too much to our bosses. More than we know in fact. So I want to give back to you guys for sticking with me so far….

I personally use herbs as a part of my Testosterone balance and exercise body building routine. I have noticed a big difference in my energy levels over the years.

A study on the Herbal effects on Testosterone production

with thanks www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov


Of course I have to buy a product like REIGN, who has the time any more or who lives in near forest to forage for herbs? Thats ridiculous!

I have even had more “energy” with my latest girlfriend. 😉


I usually take the herbs with meals and after a good workout. I dont use steroids anymore as I a knew deep down it was killing my natural T-Levels. Nothing is free in this life , there’s always a cost and the cost for my physique was my plummeting Levels of Testosterone!


Know I always recommend to my readers not using steroids at all. The side effects of steroid use are numeorus and some are irreversible. I am man enough to tell you I used to be “bigger” in my groin area. Its not a myth guys.

So let me know how you get on with using the Herbal REIGN product from Amazon.



(I only buy from Amazon now, they list everything cheaper than even Walmart and Target).

Take a look below guys. My buddy Clark Batram has also seen the light about how Herbs can boost your Testosterone levels like a boss.




So, What Will theses Herbs do for you?

Lets find out…..


Fo Ti

(Known here in the USA)

fo ti testosterone boost

In China it is He Shou Wu

Also known as Polygonum multiflorum Thunb (P. multiflorum)

Used for years by the Chinese, this herb Fo Ti packs a punch in more ways than one!




It is traditionally grown in Asia (China and Japan) and has more benefits than enhancing Testosterone. It also is know n help with diabetes and curiously enough stops greying hair! You can’t go wrong with this. This is a preventative herb.

Well known to increase libido and sexual interest in women.






ashwagandha testosterone


Another hidden herb from us Americans and little known. This is an excellent herb that is well-known all over the world especially in India where it is grown.


It has extra benefits, not just increasing natural Testosterone levels.







Find out more about the effects and side effects of taking Ashwagandha. This herb or more accurately root/shrub is a famed Ginseng Ashwaganda.


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