How many Testosterone Pills should I take a day?


Now knowing that taking testosterone will not cause you to go into a hulking rage perhaps you are wondering how much is too much? After all, too much testosterone can potentially cause adverse physical effects. Testosterone supplements might cause heart disease, and elevated incidence of Atherosclerosis has been linked to higher than normal levels of testosterone. The growth of male breast tissue has also been related to too much plasma testosterone. Some statistics seem to suggest, for example, that elevated testosterone levels can promote the growth of cancerous tumors and cysts in the prostate if a genetic predisposition already exists.




However, these side effects are associated with levels of testosterone far higher than anything that body can secrete, or any supplement might provide. Individuals who usually suffer these adverse effects are generally abusing testosterone therapies and other anabolic synthetic steroids. To be on the safe side keep your testosterone intake within the recommended guidelines widely accepted by the medical community. Testosterone medications come in many forms, the most common being gels, patches, injections, and pills. 200 to 300 milligrams per week of testosterone is ideal for athletes, although some bodybuilders take up to 1000 milligrams per week. Anything higher than this is counterproductive as you would be inching closer to levels of over saturation. Testosterone gels are typically applied once daily in the morning. Testosterone patches should be applied once one a day before going to bed, and testosterone pills are taken twice a day, once in the morning and later again at night.


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